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Azure automation: Start-AutomationRunbook – New simple way to start runbook jobs from within a runbook!

Microsoft has just released a new cmdlet in the realm of Azure automation. Start-AutomationRunbook The cmdlet is designed to start runbook jobs in the same account as the current running runbook, without having to define any endpoints/credentials/etc. Syntax is: Start-AutomationRunbook [-Name] <string> [-Parameters <IDictionary>] [-RunOn <string>] [<CommonParameters>] How to start a runbook: Start-AutomationRunbook – Name […]

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Azure Automation: New Features announced!

Today at the PowerShell summit in Stockholm,  Joe Levy and Anatoli Beliaev of Microsoft announced a bunch of new features that is publicly available in Azure Automation! Unfortunately I was not able to be there in person, but luckily multiple people tweeted about this stuff! (Thanks @vNiklas + @skillriver + more!! ) Some of the […]

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Service Manager & Orchestrator – Management Pack Transfer Tool by Coretech Beta 4 is OUT!

Beta 4 has been uploaded.  a bug was fixed: In some cases not all runbooks in the MP was found. Fixed the issue. Unfortunately there was a problem with the source code, which meant having to re-do the fixes from beta 2 and 3. Please report back if there is any problems! thanks! see changelog […]

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NIC 2015: Slides and runbooks from my sessions

thank you all for a great NIC 2015 ! It was great to be back for the 4th time, and had some really nice conversations with a lot of people. I have uploaded my slides and runbooks for my sessions: System Center – Service Management Automation – Introduction There is a new form of Automation […]

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SCO 2012: Get Active Directory Group members using Get User Activity

  First when I looked in the set of activities, i was surprised that no “Get Group Members” activity exist. After a little playing around i discovered that “Get User” is the activity to use. And i have been using this activity since then.   It is pretty simple to setup.   1. Select a […]

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SCO 2012: Force a Failed status of the runbook!

There are a number of scenarios where you want to fail your runbook and make sure that the runbook status is “failed” this could, for instance be Triggering runbook from service manager, or other external system which checks the result Triggering from PowerShell If you want to use the statistics properly in orchestrator. There is […]

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SCSM 2012 / SCO 2012: Replacement Runbook Activity that enables easy transfer between environments.

Ryan and his team has done it again! They have released a replacement for the built-in “Runbook Automation Activity”

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SCSM & SCO – Management Pack Transfer Tool–Freeware!

Have you ever tried to transfer some Request Offerings that contains runbooks from one environment to the other?
You will notice that is it not possible by default.

This utility can help you accomplish the task!

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SCO 2012 Tricks: Change Integration Pack Connection name when transferring runbooks between environments

How to replace the connection name when transferring runbook from one environment to another

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