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Tech Days.se 2015 – SCO & SCSM–Lessons learned from the real world–Slides, Examples, Tools, Template / How to use runbook template

Thanks for being a great audience! and for so many showing up! As promised I have uploaded the runbooks and management packs I demonstrated in the session including my SCO Template for runbooks Content Examples Tools Runbook Template Slides Download here: Links: Best practices book: https://t.co/pOHfdmSJra Coretech MP Transfer tool http://blog.coretech.dk/jgs/scsm-sco-management-pack-transfer-tool-beta-3-freeware/ SCSM Extension Integraiton Pack […]

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Azure Automation: New features including graphical designer and Hybrid Workers goes live!

Today at Ignite, Microsoft announced the next version of the portal for Azure Automation. This portal is part of the new Azure Portal, and you can try it out right away!! It has some great features in the interface and It enables proper Hybrid Cloud Automation! Execute Azure Automation runbook on-premise and trigger them from on-prem […]

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Help shape the future of Microsoft Automation/Orchestrator!

The Microsoft engineering team that creates Azure Automation, Service Management Automation, and System Center Orchestrator is asking for us customers to help them shape the future of Automation. Today we run most automation on premise, but in the future this might be a cloud service like Office 365. It all depends on the inputs from […]

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Automation / SCO / SCSM Tip: Always retry when trying to update an items or any other action in external systems (how to use looping)!

In my work on automating system center service manager, I have learned my lessons! On my blog i want to share bits of my experiences so that hopefully you do not hit the same issues in your automation.   TIP! Always retry your actions when trying to update an item in service manager and it […]

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SCO 2012 – Reading the last line of a MDT – BDD.log file

Today at my class a student tried to read the last line of a BDD.log file using the “Read Line” activity and setting the lines to “LASTLINE:1” This is the usual method for reading a text file, and it usually works! but in this case we got a weird result! not only one, but 8 […]

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SCO 2012: Get Active Directory Group members using Get User Activity

  First when I looked in the set of activities, i was surprised that no “Get Group Members” activity exist. After a little playing around i discovered that “Get User” is the activity to use. And i have been using this activity since then.   It is pretty simple to setup.   1. Select a […]

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SCO 2012: Use Operations Manager Integration Pack without installing OpsMgr Console on runbook servers

I recently had a friend ask of how to use the IP for Operations Manager without installing the OpsMgr Console on all runbook servers.   Actually, the reason for having the console installed is that the actvities need some SDK Assemblies from OpsMgr. I think they are not delivered with the IP because of license […]

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TechEd 2014 N.A. – My Breakout Session – Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Orchestrator: Runbook Design 101

This year i have been so lucky to have a session about Orchestrator accepted! It will be  introduction to best practices, both beginner and for more experienced orchestrators. Looking forward to it!   You can the session here: http://tena2014.eventpoint.com/topic/details/DCIM-B375   More session on the list: http://tena2014.eventpoint.com/topic/list   Details: DCIM-B375 Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Orchestrator: […]

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SCO/SCSM 2012: Approval does not work from portal when review activity was created by runbook/script/SDK!

Today i had this weird problem.   The Review activities i created from my orchestrator runbook, did not work! I was able to approve, but they never completed! But this was only the case when approving from the portal. It worked as expected from the console!   After some research i managed to find the […]

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SCO/SCSM 2012: Create Objects with Activities with Coretech Integration Pack for SCSM 2012 Extension Beta !

Create any kind of SCSM Object based on a template.
This activity add all activities with the correct prefix, as a workaround for use with the official SCSM IP

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