Complete SCUP 4.5 Guide

System Center Custom Updates Publisher is a freeware tool from Microsoft that can assist you in authoring and publishing 3rd. party updates to Configuration Manager. To get you started you can download the complete SCUP 4.5 installation and configuration guide In my guide I have references to two files used to deploy the needed certificates. Those are: Certutil.exe and certadm.dll, both files are part of the Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pack.   If you are attending MMS 2011 don’t forget to stop by one of the SCUP labs, BOF or breakout sessions - BA18 Introduction to System Center Updates [...]

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MMS 2011 BIRDS-OF-A-FEATHER System Center Custom Updates Publisher

It’s only a month until this year MMS 2011 kicks off. I personally think it’s an awesome schedule this year, lots of very great speakers, hands on labs and BOF sessions. I have just submitted a BOF session with Jason Lewis. Jason is a program manager for Configuration Manager at Microsoft. The session will focus on System Center Custom Updates Publisher 2011 and version 4.5 The usage of SCUP is increasing and there is huge demand for knowledge on how to use the product correctly. This BOF will give you information about lessons learned from the field including tips and [...]

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