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Coretech Configuration Manager 2012 R2 PowerShell automation module 0.1

During the TechEd Kent showed one of our solution that allows you to save all the Collections to an Excel file or to create Collections based on Excel template. We have received a lot of emails and twitter tweets that when we are going to publish it and good news is that we will publish […]

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Create ConfigMgr 2012 R2 Collections with Powershell

I know we have migrations tools and other built-in options when we want to build a new ConfigMgr environment. But Microsoft have given us Powershell, and there are some really cool cmdlets that we can utilize. I’ve had a couple of examples lately where i had to create 100+ collections from scratch – or basicly […]

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Take control of your ConfigMgr Collections part 1

If you are managing a large ConfigMgr environment, then it is important to know when your collections updating their memberships and if your collections are updating exactly the same time, then it may hit your SQL very badly. This script reads all the collections and you can specify which output you want – CSV or […]

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Create Collections based on Package/Application names

I just posted on CM12SDK.net a new PowerShell script that creates Collections based on Package/Application names. You can create Device & User collections with this script. You can download the script from here

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PowerShell: Configurations Manager 2012 – List Collections inside a Folder

PowerShell function for listing all collections inside a Device or User collection in CobfigMgr 2012

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Using Collection limitations in Configuration Manager 2012

In my previous post I blogged about migrating collections from ConfigMgr. 2007 to ConfigMgr. 2012. This post will focus on some of the great collection changes you will see in ConfigMgr. 2012. First a quick recap of the new features: There are separate collections for Users and Devices. You can’t mix objects the two objects […]

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Migrating Collections from Configuration Manager 2007 to Configuration Manager 2012 Beta 2

One thing that a lot of ConfigMgr. admins has spent hours on, is the collection design in CM2007 (or they should have spent the hours). When designing collections in CM2007 some of the design challenges were: Not being able to create folders. Not being able to easily include or exclude objects from other collections. Configure […]

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