OMS/EMS Seminar March 2016: Enterprise Mobility Suite Session Notes and slides


First and foremost, thanks to all attendees for a great day on Wednesday. Lots of great questions and discussions and to all of you who is wondering what happened to my girlfriend’s phone – well I had to un-enroll it the morning after! Smilefjes For those of you who are waiting for the EMS-book that Kent is writing together with Peter Daalmans, it is not to long until it is published so stay tuned! I will update this blog post with link to the book when it is out..

Download the slide deck: EMS

Microsoft EMS Resources app is free and can be downloaded here:

Read about it here:

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Troubleshooting tools:

  • Windows Phone in Microsoft Store: Field Medic
  • Apple iOS in Apple App Store: Xcode
  • Android 3 log files: <Device>\Phone\Android\data\\files

Looking forward to next time we meet!

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  1. It is awesome presentation. Thanks for sharing.

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