Specify a Runas Account for a monitor

If you need to individualize a monitor to run with a specific Account in SCOM, you could do it like this Powershell sample. Before importing the Managementpack please download and install the SamplePowershellMonitorWizardMP.zip, this is a really good one which easily take care of implementing Powershell script directly in the console.


After this import feel free to download my demo MP from below, but first a short explanation:

Goal: Run a powershell script monitor with a specific account.


  1. Create the Runas account In SCOM:
    • In your SCOM Console and below Administration and Accounts create your Windows Accounts with permissions to run a powershell script on the target server.
  2. Import the Management Pack below:
    • Click Download from this blog and Import the MP in your Management Group
  3. Add the Account to the Profile:

      In your SCOM Console and below Administration and Profiles add your newly created Windows Accounts to this profile:


  1. Export the Management Pack Coretech MP and open it with your favorite ide/text editor (VI and Notepad if you are more than 40 years old – Ronnie?)
  2. In your MP check the following:




And now your script is running as the specified user (If you remembered to distribute the account)

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