Report based on Agent Install Date

Need to see all your Agents and the Install date / time – run this query – or download the report and import it.

SELECT Path, InstallTime
FROM BaseManagedEntity INNER JOIN
MT_HealthService ON BaseManagedEntity.BaseManagedEntityID = MT_HealthService.BaseManagedEntityId
Where InstallTime > ‘2009-21-02’

And a Report file, if you want to deliver your Operations Manager Administrators the nice view:

zip AgentInstallDate Report 1.64 kB
Downloaded 405 times

Comments (%):

  1. Why not use PowerShell?

    get-agent | select Networkname, InstallTime | ft -a


    get-agent | where {$_.InstallTime -ge ‘4-3-2010 19:44:05’} | select Networkname, InstallTime | ft -a


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