Working with database replicas on your Management Point

Wonder why you should consider database replicas on your Management Points? The answers are in this webcast from Brian Mason (fellow Configuration Manager MVP from Minnesota.) The keywords are fault tolerance and performance and who do not want that as part of their Configuration Manager infrastructure.

Download the MP replica step-by-step guide

Huge thanks to Brian Mason for helping out with the document and for convincing me to use this feature.

Comments (3):

  1. Thomas Strøbæk says:

    Super! Tanks for Sharing.

  2. BUDHY says:

    Nice documented. Decided to check this guide while I was viewing your session with Brian about Advanced infrastructure for SC 2012 CM SP 1. Excellent session by the way.

  3. Juan says:

    Nice document, so just one question, is it necessary to create SPN for the SQL Servers that host the replicas if I am using a sql service acount

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