Unknown error creating the Intune connector in Configuration Manager CB

Recently ran into an unknown error while trying to create the Intune connector in ConfigMgr 1602 (and 1606). The error occurred in the “Create Microsoft Intune Subscription Wizard” when trying to Sign in using a Global Admin Azure account.


For those of you who do not understand Danish (yet), the error message is something like “An Unexpected error occurred”.

The GA Azure account is a “service account” and not used to enroll mobile devices. For that reason the account wasn’t assigned an Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) license. 

The solution: Assign an EMS license in Azure Active Directory to the Global Admin Azure account and sign-in again. You do not have to add the account to your custom Intune collection.  

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  1. It seems to me that only a few people have encountered with a similar error. However, I think that the solution is obvious here. We need only the administrator rights.

  2. guarantees says:

    this is the best article with instructions! I am delighted with your description. everything is crystal clear!

  3. George says:

    This is still valid in 2017 ! for NDES connector on Win 2016 server, this is the ONLY place I have found the solutions.

    Thank you !

  4. Markus Lindgren says:

    Thanks,solved my problem!

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