How to stop a client push installation in Configuration Manager

When a client push installation is initiated Config Mgr. generates a CCR – Client Configuration Request file – for each client. To stop the process those files must be manually deleted. As the files are processed they are moved between three different folders.

  • Initially the files are created in the .\inboxes\


  • When the CCR is prossed the record will be moved to .\inboxes\\inproc


  • Finally all installation request that failed (for some reason) will be stored as the computername in .\inboxes\


Comments (5):

  1. chatchawan says:

    Dear kent

    I already remove all recoard on .\inboxes\ and .\inboxes\\inproc
    and restart server , after server back I still see client on branch site go to primary site to download file ( I used prtg to monitor traffic. it have many traffic out of server ) how to can stop client go to download installation file on primary server

  2. Miguel says:

    Saved my bacon! Inadvertenly chose to install the client to the all systems collection!


    • Mauricio says:

      @Miguel :
      It happens more than you could imagine. One time I sent Office 2013 to All Systems collection and maxed out every single MPLS in the company for an hour. Nevertheless, this method also saved my bacon.

      Thank you Kent Agerlund!

  3. Mark P says:

    Is that sufficient for SCCM 2012 SP1 CU1?
    Isn’t there an additional working list elsewhere now before they go to .\inboxes\

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