Configure Coretech Application E-Mail Approval tool to always use the fallback mail

As you can read in this blog post – we recently released a new version of our E-Mail approval tool. One of the new features in the tool is to configure a fallback address. You can either specify a Manager as the approver or a fallback group like Servicedesk. In order to configure the tool to always use the fallback address follow these steps:

  1. Open C:\Program Files (x86)\coretech\Coretech Application Approval Service
  2. Edit the CM_AppReqListen.exe.config.xml file
  3. Find the Section in called <setting name="UseManager" serializeAs="String">


  4. Change <value>True</value> to <value>False</value>


  5. Save and close the file
  6. Restart the Coretech CM Application Request Listener service


Comments (3):

  1. Malik says:


    Do you have any step by step guides or can refer me to some web site. I am installing the same.
    I used to follow Nial’s Windows-Noob guides but I can’t see the topics for Android, IOS, Windows, Windows Phone etc.

  2. MASING says:


    I have configured to use only FallBack approver to approve/deny the request. However, no email is being triggered to fallback approver. Also, when I directly open the website, it shows nothing except headers.
    It also state below:
    Unable to retreive groups, that the user: is a member ofObject reference not set to an instance of an object.DC=XXXX,DC=XYX

  3. Eddie Rio says:

    Hi Guys,
    Thanks for the AMAZING tool. I was able to redirect the email from the manager to the fall back mail, but the only problem is that doesn’t work if I use a “group” mail only works if I specify one email account. Is this the desire behavior? Is it supposed to work with a “group” mail also?
    Thanks again for all your hard work, really appreciate.

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