SCSM & SCO – Management Pack Transfer Tool Beta 2 – Freeware!


New version out! a few bug have been fixed, and error messages now appear properly (see changelog below)

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Have you ever tried to transfer some Request Offerings that contains runbooks from one environment to the other?
You will notice that is it not possible by default.

Problem is that the links to the runbooks do not work anymore since all the runbooks has been re-imported and have been assigned new IDs.

by using this easy 4 step procedure you can accomplish a successful transfer!



How to (also in ReadMe):

Step 1 – Export Runbooks and Management Pack (Source Environment)

  1. Export Runbooks from SCO
  2. Export Management Pack from SCSM.

Step 2 – Create Runbook Info Pack (Source environment)

  1. Open tool on source (old) environment
  2. Edit Orchestrator Service URL
  3. Click Export Runbook Info (Source)

Step 3 – Import Runbooks (Target Environment)

  1. Open Runbook Designer
  2. Import Runbooks 

Step 4 – Update Management Pack (Target Environment)

  1. Open tool on target (new) environment
  2. Edit Orchestrator Service URL
  3. Click Update Management Pack (Target)
  4. Select location of Runbook Info Pack
  5. Select Management Pack
  6. Import Management Pack to new environment
  7. You are done!

Change Log

Beta 1 -> Beta 2:
Error message was not shows properly, fixed.
Utility would fail if any runbooks from Management pack , was not found in SCO. Change behavior to skip these runbooks instead of stopping.

Comments (9):

  1. […] saving me a ton of work. Moral of the story is for anyone running into similar issues check out the SCSM & SCO – Management Pack Transfer Tool Beta 2 – Freeware! created by Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen at […]

  2. Gracjan Zawadzki says:

    Hi Jakob,

    tried the tool today and it works smoothly – thanks for the offering!

    One thing for the next version, though:
    Right now the runbook GUIDs are replaced as they should be. But after Import in the target System the runbook Parameter mappings are cleared and have to be set in all runbook and Service Request templates.
    If this behaviour is not expected let us know.

    • hello Gracjan!

      Thnx for feedback!

      I have seen this happen when exporting from RTM and importing to SP1, otherwise it usually works.

      Which version are you running on target and dest? then i can do some more testing :)

  3. Gracjan Zawadzki says:

    Hi there!

    I’m using SCSM 2012 SP1 in combination with SCO 2012 SP1 – for both Environments.

    Used SCO Versions: 7.1.3022.0
    Used SCSM Versions: 7.5.2905.0

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