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ConfigMgr and Flexera Software CSI (3. Party Patch Management): Install the CSI Plugin

This is a quick and dirty how-to guide as I have a couple of customer who have asked for the same – how to Install the CSI Plugin in order to Connect the Flexera CSI to your ConfigMgr/WSUS/SUP infrastructure where you get the ability to monitor 3rd party vulnerabilities and remediate any threats by patching […]

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Software Updates won’t sync after Expanding Primary Site to CAS

After expanding a stand-alone Primary Site to CAS, Software Opdate point fails to synchronize

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WSUS 6.x Admin Console Post-deployment Configuration fails on Windows Server 2012

When you want to just install an Admin Console instance of WSUS on the new Windows Server 2012, it has shown to be a little troublesome at times. In the old WSUS 3.0 days it was easier because it was an executable you installed, and in the installation you was asked to choose whether you […]

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