Automation / SCO / SCSM Tip: Always retry when trying to update an items or any other action in external systems (how to use looping)!

In my work on automating system center service manager, I have learned my lessons! On my blog i want to share bits of my experiences so that hopefully you do not hit the same issues in your automation.   TIP! Always retry your actions when trying to update an item in service manager and it […]

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Service Manager powershell snippets

Merry x-mas! In today’s December calendar tips & trick I’m going to a post some useful powershell snippets for Service Manager. As we all know, the December 11th is the special day where the Bethlehem-powershell star outshined all the others.        The scripts here is mostly for administrative purposes. They are of course […]

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How many Incident Requests are resolved within the same day?

Do you use System Center Service Manager, and do you or your boss want to know how many Incident Requests the support team are resolving within the same day as it was created? If yes, then you are on the right blog post. Run the query below against the Data Warehouse database DWDataMart, and you […]

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SCSM & SCO – Management Pack Transfer Tool Beta 3 – Freeware!

New version out! a few bugs have been fixed, and the mappings are now kept properly! (see changelog below)   Download from TechNet Gallery   Have you ever tried to transfer some Request Offerings that contains runbooks from one environment to the other? You will notice that is it not possible by default. Problem is […]

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AD-Connector – Running with Error: Stopping at 92% – Object instance not set to an instance of an object

Yesterday I encountered an error I haven’t seen before when trying to set up a new AD Connector in SCSM. The connector always stopped at 92% and generated the following error in the eventlog: Data synchronization failed by DefaultCache.MomStore.ADUsers_Manager.DefaultCache.ADConnector.5f4e989660d749b6b420fb4532c5ed9a:Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.ServiceManager.Connector.Sql.DataConnectorSql. Exception type:NullReferenceException Exception message:Object reference not set to an instance of an object.. StackTrace: at Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.ServiceManager.Linking.Consumer.OperationalStore.DataSetTransformer.ComputeManagerDeletes(Dictionary`2 […]

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Additional views for User and Group configuration items

In Service Manager we only have one view for User and Group configuration items, and many (including me) want to have views that separate users from groups, external users from Active Directory users and so on. This solution will add six additional views for user and group configuration items.

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Set-SCSMTemplateWithActivities powershell script

UPDATE 02-01-2014: Fixed some issues in script   When dealing with the cmdlet: Set-SCSMTemplate in SMLets, you might have noticed that if you apply a template with activities, the prefix of the ID’s (e.g. RA300 or MA250) is all missing. And it’s the same issue if done via the SDK or Orchestrator. One workaround, described […]

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SCO/SCSM 2012: Approval does not work from portal when review activity was created by runbook/script/SDK!

Today i had this weird problem.   The Review activities i created from my orchestrator runbook, did not work! I was able to approve, but they never completed! But this was only the case when approving from the portal. It worked as expected from the console!   After some research i managed to find the […]

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SCO/SCSM 2012: Create Objects with Activities with Coretech Integration Pack for SCSM 2012 Extension Beta !

Create any kind of SCSM Object based on a template.
This activity add all activities with the correct prefix, as a workaround for use with the official SCSM IP

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Solution to clean User Input from Service Manager Portal and commit it to the Action Log

This solution converts end-user userinput from Service Manager Portal into a clean formated string table and commits it to a new Action Log entry in top. The script can be modified for other purposes: e.g. used in Orchestrator or appended to the description field.

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