Silent install Java 8 Update 71 and 72 with SCCM

In my last post about silent / unattended installation of Java 8 Update 66, we followed the new guidelines for how to install Java 8 silently by Oracle. The problem with that method is that it works when you try to run your script locally with administrator privileges it will work fine, but when you […]

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MOC Lab Launcher Fixer for Windows 7

Windows 7 has arrived, and everything is fine! We only have one problem. Many of the MOC Course Material is using the “Lab Launcher”. The MSI for the “Lab Launcher” is not supported by Windows 7. To Fix this problem a Hack/Edit of the MSI is needed. Read this blog post for info about how […]

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Automated Windows Installer Properties from .INI (Embedded VBScript)

Download: (1.16 kB) Have you ever needed the functionality to read the property values from an .ini file, every time a installation or repair is run? This small script created for Windows installer, will do the job. Purpose:   Automatically reads a ini file located in the MSI SOURCEDIR property. Each parameter in the ini […]

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