Measure Mail/SMTP Round Time from SCOM

Have you ever thought about how to measure the actual SMTP/Mail round time on your Mail installation? And have you tried to configure the Exchange MP for external mail bounce without any luck? Its differcult… The solution we did for a customer was first of all to ensure the customer have Exchange on-prem, next develop […]

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Change default Windows 8.1 wallpaper, color scheme and lock screen background

Changing default wallpaper, but still allowing user to set their own.

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Find OpenSSL files with SCOM (Heartbleed)

OpenSSL for Windows are two DLL files which could be installed on some of your windows servers. The two files are: libssl32.dll or libssl64.dll and I am not saying these should be removed – but perhaps updated.   Powershell Script You could find the two files either by a powershell script like this one: – […]

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VBScript: Uninstall Updates on winXP,Win2003, Win7 and Win 2008 R2 automatically!

a script for uninstalling updates on windows XP, 2003, 7 and 2008 R2.

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VBScript: Uninstall and Install iTunes (Upgrade) using automatic product code finder script (or any other product, by using product name)

Follow up to my post about getting product code!
This time we do a full uninstall and install of iTunes, using automatic product finder!

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VBScript: Find iTunes product codes automatically (or any other product, by using product name)

Script for getting product code from product name. Very usable for deployment of software via configuration manager or similar systems.

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VBScript: Receiving new advertisement info from ConfigMgr 2007 via WMI Events.

Run code when a new advertisement is created.
This post contains a vbscript using async operations to catch the new advertisement, when it is created.

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Adding users to Configuration Manager 2007 with specific Class Permissions via VBScript

The Configuration Manager 2007 SDK, has a lot of missing examples and parts that are not well documented. One of them is the part about User permissions and how to add them. During the development of the install script for our HTA solution, I had to create a HTA user, with special permissions for the […]

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VBScript: Cleanup all computer objects for local PC

When we are deploying OS via ConfigMgr, we usually do a cleanup of all old objects before creating the new object. This helps prevent errors and mistakes, and is pretty easy to do. We are able to use both SMBOIS GUID and Mac addresses for the cleanup. usually I recommend using mac addresses, since I […]

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“How to Raise Alert from Microsoft Outlook in OpsMgr 2007” or a New Outlook Connector to Operations Manager 2007 R2

Have you ever thought on creating Alerts directly from a mail? Or Send a mail to your OpsMgr to raise an alert in your Operations Manager? A few weeks ago I was talking with a guy participating on one of the Advanced OpsMgr courses, his existing monitoring environment currently delivered an mail to a group […]

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