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Checking if User is member of group including nested/sub groups!

Download: InsertComputerDescriptionIfInGroup1-2.zip (1.23 kB) I had a challenge today. Problem: My Customer needs to insert a specific text in the Computer description field on the local PC, if the user is member of a specific group. Challenges: The problem is that most of the user are not directly members of the group. but they are […]

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Automated Windows Installer Properties from .INI (Embedded VBScript)

Download: ReadINItoMSI.zip (1.16 kB) Have you ever needed the functionality to read the property values from an .ini file, every time a installation or repair is run? This small script created for Windows installer, will do the job. Purpose:   Automatically reads a ini file located in the MSI SOURCEDIR property. Each parameter in the ini […]

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