Clean up your wims

Generally I always use the append method of capturing my images (MDT’s ZTIBackup.wsf will do that for you, as explained here). This allows me to store multiple versions of my production image in the same image file. The biggest benefit of storing multiple images in the same wim file is of cause utilization of the […]

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Capture none syspreped image using SCCM (Running imagex from a TS)

  One of the limitations of SCCM is the use of Imagex. When you want to capture an image of a computer, this computer needs to be syspreped before capture, or the capture process will fail. To do a capture of a reference image before sysprep, you normally would have to create a separate WinPE […]

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The annoyance of none elevated command prompts.

You know how when ever you run something from a prompt in Windows 7 or Server2008 you need to remember to elevate the privileges, or you will get the annoying message that you do not have administrative privileges, which then means you will have to open a new prompt, run it as administrator,  and do […]

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