Install software after TS finishes, but as part of the deployment process.

I some times run into problems while installing SW as a part of my Task Sequence.. Now don’t get me wrong, most times the apply  software works like a charm, and everything is installed without a glitch. But every now and then,  a piece of software comes along that just won’t install as part of […]

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Windows 7 deployment not supported with Configuration Manager

I have seen a few questions about support for ZTI support for Windows 7. It’s currently not supported. You can deploy Windows 7 using LTI MDT 2010 beta or MDT 2008. MDT 2008 requies a few modifications in order to support Windows 7 deployment.

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Upgrading Windows Vista Enterprise to Windows 7 Ultimate

I just performed an upgrade from my Vista Enterprise SP1 x64 bit to Windows 7 build 7000 on my Lenovo T500. The upgrade path from Enterprise edition to Ultimate is not supported but with a quick little registry fix it turned out to be a painless upgrade. Prior to the upgrade change these settings: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows […]

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Deep Dive Image deployment training now live

We are proud to announce that Coretech’s Deep Dive Image Deployment course is ready to launch. The course is based on all the wishes and feedback we have received from customers and earlier students. We will discuss Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server deployment. On all public courses the main focus will […]

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Server deployment with Configuration Manager

Before you start any server deployment projects save you self a lot of time by reading these documents: IBM server deployment – HP server deployment – Dell server deployment –

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Creating and Using Toolkit package..

A nice thing about Integrating MDT into Config. mgr is the functionalities the Toolkit package gives you. The obvious thing being the ability to use all the MDT script without having to create individual packages.. Another thing I really like, is the fact that it will set a variable that points to the package, allowing […]

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Automate changes to Device manager ( DEVCON )

  During Automated Build and capture, and sometimes during deployment it’s nice to be able to automate changes to the device manager (well devices, but basally the ones you se in the device manager).  Her the Microsoft tool DEVCON comes in handy.. Lets say you need to remove some devices before you capture you master […]

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Creating Custom Boot Image (boot.wim)

When using  System Centre Configuration Manager for OS deployment you always use WinPE as your boot media/environment for deploying  the actual image… Normally you can just use the boot image supplied with SCCM (a WinPE 2.1 wim, taken from WAIK and placed in \\”SiteServer”\SMS_”SiteCode”\osd\boot\”architecture”\boot.wim), with out any further considerations. Well you might have to inject […]

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Speed up your Microsoft Virtual PC environment

  Playing around with OS deployment (and teaching MS MOC courses) I often use virtual environments such as Microsoft Virtual PC and Virtual Server. Now more often that not I find myself pulling out what little hair I have left, in sheer frustrated over the speed with witch VPC/server runs… I mean trying to run […]

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Setting up the Custom Media Hook (pre TS action)

  If you want to run a script before the actual TS start, well even before the boot CD looks to SCCM for policies to run, you could add a Custom Media Hook. The Media Hook will run a script defined in an INI file and not enter TS mode before it has finished.. This […]

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