WMI Inconsistent or Error 25205 Failed to Uninstall SDK MOF

In the past couple of years I have stumbled over this error when I install OpsMgr Clients – It seams like some products are doing naughty things with the WMI database, which then leaves the WMI repository in Inconsistent state. The way I correct this is by using the following recipe: Error when installing OpsMgr […]

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Automate your group creation with Powershell

One of our very good customers are managing servers with an dedicated internal administrator as a primary contact for each server. They are managing this one to one relation with an Excel sheet. A while ago we talked about automating this group creation with powershell, so the last time Jacob and I was discussing Powershell in […]

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Protected: Change Manual installed agents to ‘Discovered’

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Protected: Slides for Helpdesk

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Monitoring Windows Service and Recovery Script

If you want to monitor a Service and run a predefinded recovery task follow this walkthrough:

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Get information of Resolved Alerts in OpsMgr 2007

Resolved Alerts in Operations Manager is easy to extract from your DW and Operations Manager environment: In Powershell: Get-Alert | Where {$_.Resolutionstate -eq 255} | ft resolvedby Or if you need a query from OperationsManagerDW in SQL as a dataset in your report: SELECT Alert.vAlert.AlertName, Alert.vAlertResolutionState.ResolutionState, Alert.vAlertDetail.Owner, Alert.vAlertDetail.TicketId,        Alert.vAlertResolutionState.StateSetByUserId, Alert.vAlert.RepeatCount, Alert.vAlert.RaisedDateTime, Alert.vAlert.AlertDescription, vManagedEntity.Path FROM   Alert.vAlert […]

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Coretech nominated to System Center Alliance Partner Program

Coretech has joined the list of Microsoft nominated System Center Alliance Program partners. We are proud to have received the nomination and will continue our effort to develop tailor-made System Center solutions for the fast growing System Center community and our many customers. For more information about the partner program go to http://www.microsoft.com/systemcenter/en/us/alliance-program-overview.aspx

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OpsMgr 2007 R2: Script Unit Monitor Comparison Problems!

  While making my last Management Pack , I discovered a problem in the Operations Console of OpsMgr. Problem:   When i created the Critical/Unhealthy/Healthy Expressions i had to compare to a Integer that was returned by the Script. The problem was that when i compared 50 with 100, it acted like 50 was more […]

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OpsMgr 2007 R2 (SCOM): Coretech Coffee Monitor Management Pack –

Download: The file has included test examples and vlc player. The Management Pack is 32Kb Intro: This management packs can be used to keep track of the level of coffee in left in the pot. With this management pack, you will never run dry of, what we all know, is the most important part of […]

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OpsMgr 2007 (SCOM): Coretech Certificates Expire checker Management Pack –

Download: Intro: This management packs can be used to check the expire date on all or specific certificates in the client/servers certificates store. It uses the event log on the local client, to alert the OpsMgr unit monitor . It is supposed to check once every day, and make a warning in the opsmgr if […]

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