Running Tasks with PowerShell and $ID$

Whenever you want to run a Task against an Alert, its so easy to use the $ID$ variable: Create the powershell script c:\scripts\UpdAlert.ps1 with at least the following lines: Param($ID) Import-module OperationsManager GET-SCOMAlert –id “$ID” | SET-SCOMAlert –TicketID ‘100’ –ResolutionState 249 And create the following Task: Stay on one of your Alerts and Run the […]

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New Application/Tool to create Health Rollups of groups, Classes and Distributed Applications

In the past couple of years I have seen how companies are dealing with presenting their Services, Distributed Applications, Multi-Tired Applications; Many names for the same object. This Diagram Creation has often been a bit difficult, either you could create a group and use the group in Distributed Apps, which could give you a possibility […]

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Restart a service and all antecedent from a Task in OpsMgr

Now its time to use a vbs script to ensure that all services are stopped and started in the correct way – so if any services are dependent on other they will be restated as well. First Create a new task from your Console: Let it be an Agent Tasks and Remember the Management Pack: […]

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Restart a Service with a Task

If you need to restart a service with a Task, you can create a Task like this: Use either a command file or an vbs script – this sample shows using a command shell file with this content: And at the end you could run it from your Computer State View.

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“How to Raise Alert from Microsoft Outlook in OpsMgr 2007” or a New Outlook Connector to Operations Manager 2007 R2

Have you ever thought on creating Alerts directly from a mail? Or Send a mail to your OpsMgr to raise an alert in your Operations Manager? A few weeks ago I was talking with a guy participating on one of the Advanced OpsMgr courses, his existing monitoring environment currently delivered an mail to a group […]

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Cannot use comma when defining SLA in OpsMgr 2007

  If you are one of the guys who unfortunately live in other countries than an english spoken one – you could have problems with defining your SLA on e.g. a distributed application. But try to Log in on your RMS with the service account and change regional setting to your locale, and then you […]

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Report based on Agent Install Date

Need to see all your Agents and the Install date / time – run this query – or download the report and import it. SELECT Path, InstallTime FROM BaseManagedEntity INNER JOIN MT_HealthService ON BaseManagedEntity.BaseManagedEntityID = MT_HealthService.BaseManagedEntityId Where InstallTime > ‘2009-21-02’ And a Report file, if you want to deliver your Operations Manager Administrators the nice […]

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Account for Command Channel when using Notification in OpsMgr 2007 R2

Have you ever tried to create a command as a Notification Channel in OpsMgr 2007? – Normally you would expect it to use the Notification Account Profile since this is the account which have been designed for this, and this account is sure doing the job on Instant Messenger and SMTP – But when you […]

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Changing Alert Resolution State automatically

If you need to change the Resolution State when a new Alert appears, or change the status of an alert from a specific source or a given period of time, it could be done with a script. The script will be called by creating a Notification. Often you specify a SMTP, SMS or IM as […]

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Create a group based on a location string in registry

If you want to create groups with servers from specific locations, you could use this step-by-step description. Click on the first picture below…

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