Installing Active Directory Domain Services on Windows Server 2012 R2 Core

Installing Active Directory Domain Services on Windows Server Core is really easy. You only need to run 8 commands and your Domain Controller is ready. These steps are: 1. Rename the server 2. Set the IP and DNS address 3. Install Active Directory Domain Services Server Role 4. Promote the server to a Domain Controller […]

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No cable connection when running Hyper-V on a Windows 8 workstation

  For quite some time I haven’t been able to use a cable connection, but never had the time to investigate why. Today it got too much (and also, I couldn’t to the wireless). The network adapter was enabled and I didn’t have any Hyper-V virtual switches to interfere with the connection. Turns out the […]

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Deploy Windows 8 Enterprise x86 on a UEFI x86 device using SCCM 2012 SP1

New Toys For The Boys Don’t we all love new toys, especially the ones that require an occasional recharge. The latest thing I got my hands on is the Lenovo Tablet 2, a very nice 10” tablet thing, with a couple of nice add-ons, like a docking  station, Bluetooth keyboard and a pen like stylus. […]

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WSUS 6.x Admin Console Post-deployment Configuration fails on Windows Server 2012

When you want to just install an Admin Console instance of WSUS on the new Windows Server 2012, it has shown to be a little troublesome at times. In the old WSUS 3.0 days it was easier because it was an executable you installed, and in the installation you was asked to choose whether you […]

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Cisco AnyConnect on Windows 8

After upgrading to Windows 8, I ran into problems with Cisco AnyConnect

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Windows 8: How to open PowerShell ISE and How to use new command browser feature

Ever wondered where PowerShell ISE is located in windows 8??
this article also shows the new command browser feature

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Enabling Hyper-V in Windows 8 Preview

Microsofts virtualization platform Hyper-V is now included in Windows 8. The requirements are as follows: Windows 8 64 bit version At least 4 GB of ram An x64-based processor Second Level Address Translation (SLAT) Hardware-assisted virtualization: Intel Virtualization Technology (Intel VT) or AMD Virtualization (AMD-V) technology. Hardware-enforced Data Execution Prevention (DEP): Intel XD bit (execute […]

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Installing Windows 8 Developer Preview in a virtualization environment

Now that Microsoft have made Windows 8 preview availible you are properly eager giving it a test run and in the age of virtualization you are properly going to install it in a virtual machine. To save you some despair I will outline which virtualization environments that you can use to test run Windows 8 […]

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How to fix "Device Manager is running in read-only mode because you are running it on a remote computer" on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2

On my laptop i run Windows Server 2008 R2.
This article shows you how I fixed “Device Manager is running in read-only mode because you are running it on a remote computer” problem.

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