Troubleshooter note: SQL Installation fails with exitcode 0x84BB0001 on a ReFS formatted partition.

So I tried to install SQL the other day for a new ConfigMgr environment, but I kept getting an error during the first seconds of the installation with 0x84BB0001 as the exit code. With some quick investigation into the log files I found this %Temp%\SqlSetup_Local.log: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\110\Setup Bootstrap\Log\Summary.txt: Shows that the installation has […]

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Metadata Only Updates in SCCM 2012 R2 Console

Been a while since i blogged – but this i felt needed to come up. If you work with Software Updates in SCCM then you are used to see Normal, Expired & Superseeded Updates from Microsoft… Not Metadata Only Updates! (Unless you work with SCUP or other 3rd party patching) – But i just […]

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Report Server Course

Links: Husk Report Builder 2.0 Og her er koden i forbindelse med Report server kurset d 25. – 27 feb: Private Sub LoadInformation()   ‘load information into list view lstView.Items.Clear()  Dim myCatalogItems As CatalogItem()myCatalogItems = rs.ListChildren(“/”, True)  For Each cItem As CatalogItem In myCatalogItems  Dim strValues(3) As […]

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SQL 2005 Course

Samples, Utils and Links from MOC 2780 SQL 2005 Course. Check All Databases with undocumented stored procedure: EXEC SP_MSForEachDB @command1=”Print ‘?’ DBCC CHECKDB (‘?’)” Another track to the same station. Declare @db VarChar(100),  @dbid int,  @hidb int Select @hidb = Max(dbid ), @dbid = 0 from master..sysdatabases While @dbid < @hidb Begin    Set @db = […]

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