Case of the missing Hardware Inventory

I recently played around with adding registry data to SCCM Hardware Inventory using RegKeyToMof, but during the tests I ended up with a big problem, no clients were delivering any hardware inventory at all. The problem quickly spread to all clients so I started the oh-so well known journey of troubleshooting. First let’s look at […]

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How to get registry information into hardware inventory

  When the hardware inventory agent is running it’s looking after values in the local WMI database on the client. By default WMI contains much valuable information that is “easy” to collect. But from time to time we need to gather information that’s not yet part of WMI. This post will guide you through the […]

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Query and report all workstations that haven’t rebooted the last 7 days

I recently got a very good question from a student – how can we check the workstations that haven’t restarted during the last 7 days. The intention is to automatically restart the computers. However not until the end-users have been contacted. For that reason I need to create a report and a query. The report […]

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Ups I deleted 1.000 computers in Config. Mgr console

Accindently deleting computer objects in the Config Mgr. console has happened in the past and it will most likely happen again in the future. This post will hopefully help you understand what’s going on in the background and how Configuration Manager recovers the deleted objects. Components involved On the site server the data loader component […]

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Configuring Config Mgr. agents to run inventory on a custom schedule

Agent settings are configured for each site leaving you with a single schedule for all clients. To configure some of the clients to run on an individual schedule you can create a script that trigger the action you want to run e.g. perform a hardware inventory. So basically you create a collection containing the computers […]

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Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 Asset Intelligence Catalog Update

Microsoft has recently released an AI Catalog Update for Configuration Manager 2007 SP1:

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