How to manage Bitlocker on a Azure AD Joined Windows 10 Device managed by Intune.

When joining a computer to AAD either manually or by using a provisioning package, Bitlocker will be enabled automatically if your device has the necessary prerequisites. However in the case that Bitlocker is disabled this is how you enable Bitlocker, save the Bitlocker Key Protector to ADD (also known as the recovery key) and recover […]

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Troubleshooting: An error occurred when creating the WSUS Signing Certificate (Secunia)

Lately I have been doing some Secunia integrations with System Center 2012 R2: Configuration Manager (SCCM/ConfigMgr 2012). When you are setting up the connector between Secunia CSI and WSUS one of the first things the wizard is asking you to do is to Configure a WSUS Self-Signed Certificate, the WSUS signing certificate is required to […]

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Configuration Items and Baselines, Using Scripts (Powershell Example)

In the previous blog post i used file and registry settings for my Configuration Item. Another way to define your Configuration Item setting are scripts. And in CM2012 we have 3 scripting options: JScript PowerShell VBScript (The same goes for the use of scripts in Detection Methods when we create Application Deployment Types.)   Since […]

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New Tool – Coretech APP-V Package Analyzer and Converter

APP-V 5 has been around more than one year now and if you have a lot of old APP-V 4.5 or 4.6 packages then you may want to move to newer version to get all the nice features that APP-V 5 provides. APP-V 5 Sequencer PowerShell Module contains Test-APPvLegacyPackage and ConvertFrom-AppvLegacyPackage CMDLETs. Test-AppvLegacyPackage CMDLET allows […]

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How to deploy APP-V 5 SP1 Client through Group Policy

Before I just blogged How to extract APP-V 5 SP1 client executable and in this blog post I will show how to deploy the APP-V 5 SP1 Client through Group Policy. If you have the MSI files and you try to install the APP-V client, then it will prompt you this message. If you are […]

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How to extract APP-V 5 SP1 client executable

If you are looking APP-V 5 SP1 client MSI files, then stop looking. APP-V 5 client MSI files are inside the appv_client_setup.exe file. To extract the MSI files you need to execute following command: If you check the extracted files, then you will see appv_client_MSI_x86.msi and appv_client_MSI_x64.msi files. References How to Deploy the APP-V 5 […]

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Links and notes from MOC 6451 and introduction to App-V (Norway)

SCCM Right Click Tools System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Toolkit v2 SMS Client Center Creating Configuration Manager Reports Part 1: Part 2: Creating Custom Reports by Using Configuration Manager 2007 SQL Views Read the blog at for information about System Center, deployment and scripting Microsoft System Center […]

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Hey–why does it sometimes take so long to delete a virtual machine from the Hyper-V console?

You may have noticed that it sometimes take quite some time to delete a virtual machine from within the Hyper-V console. It can take hours in some cases. This happens if the virtual machine has snapshots and it is by design. What actually happens when you delete the virtual machine is that the snapshot(s) is […]

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This Week MDOP training

Websites: Application Virtualization – – App V. on Technet – Free apps and utlities – How to run scripts inside the OSD file – Latest KB articles on App V.  DaRT – Debugging tools – How to install WinRE on hidden partition AIS – Step-by-step guide to […]

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Usefull Application Virtualization support tools

While waiting for Microsoft to release the SDK for Appication V. it’s nice to have a basic knowledge of the existing tools. SFTMIME.EXE: Used to control and configure the client. I really urge you to take a look at the complete list of commands and parameters at SFTMIME can be used to configure the […]

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