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3rd Apr 2013

Deploy Windows 8 Enterprise x86 on a UEFI x86 device using SCCM 2012 SP1

New Toys For The Boys Don’t we all love new toys, especially the ones that require an occasional recharge. The latest thing I got my hands on is the Lenovo Tablet 2, a very nice 10” tablet thing, with a couple of nice add-ons, like a docking  station, Bluetooth keyboard and a pen like stylus. […]

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18th Mar 2013

PowerShell – How to do WMIClass CreateInstance but WITH credentials

Today I was building a script to create system resources in SCCM 2012 and part of the task was to add these resources to a set of collections. The script will use from the SCCM server when finally implemented but for now I was using my laptop for editing and debugging. When I came to […]

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12th Mar 2013

PowerShell to the rescue – Clean up direct collection memberships

We where talking to a customer about how to avoid waiting for Active Directory group synchronization to occur and place a device in the correct collections faster than “until the next synchronization”. The main problem with this setup was caused by the fact that they used a group-in-group membership to identify collection memberships and apparently […]

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14th Jan 2013

Post SCCM 2012 SP1 – failure to update boot images

*** UPDATE *** This also works if you are unable to rebuild your boot images after upgrading to Windows 10 ADK (the final version) I did a customer SP1 upgrade during the weekend, the process ran successfully according to the Setup UI, but when I later tried to update the boot images I received the […]

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22nd Aug 2012

SCCM 2012 Software Catalog Easy Access using DNS

When we introduced one of our customers to the new and super fancy Software Catalog in SCCM 2012, one of the guys pointed out that the URL to access this was rather long and cumbersome to remember.

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22nd Aug 2012

Cisco AnyConnect on Windows 8

After upgrading to Windows 8, I ran into problems with Cisco AnyConnect

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21st Aug 2012

No SRS Reports showing up in SCCM console

During a recent SCCM 2012 installation for a customer, we ran into some strange problems with the Reporting services point and the SCCM console.

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