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18th Apr 2017

Disable Onedrive Updates from a Task Sequence

In order to fully control OneDrive updates I was tasked to find a method to disable OneDrive from doing updates on its own. Given that there is no registry setting or GPO that allow you to disable automatic updates from happening I was forced to look for other methods. The update check is performed by […]

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8th Feb 2016

DHCP Guide

This document describes common scenarios for implementing DHCP in relation to PXE boot with particular focus on Configuration Manager. Assumptions and audience Audience must familiar with basic IP networking principles. The background In order for a client to perform a PXE boot, there must be a DHCP service available, this is not required to be […]

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21st Dec 2015

Hardware overview with Power BI

In the true spirit of christmas, I will share some cool tricks on how to get deeper into Power BI. My good friend and collegue Henrik Hoe started out by showing a little bit on how to get started with Power BI, I will extend upon that and show you how easily create a live […]

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29th Sep 2015

Deploying Office 2016 with SCCM 2012

Follow this simple guide to get your Office 2016 deployment up and running with SCCM 2012 R2 First we need to download the Office 2016 Deployment Tool from Microsoft You can find it here Run the tool and install it to a location of your liking, I choose e:\temp\Office 2016 When you look in that […]

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15th Feb 2015

Windows 10 Preview Start Menu not working in build 9926

A quick fix to the StartMenu issue in Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9926 During deployment of your Windows 10 image, you can fix this issue by prepping the default user profile, so that all users logging on to the device will benefit from the fix. In the registry key HKEY_USERS\.Default\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced Create a REG_DWORD with the […]

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10th Dec 2014

Get Direct Collection Memberships And Machine Variables Information

On several occasions I have had the need to pull information on SCCM devices, and recently I was asked to do a backup of all client direct memberships and some specific machine variables. So I thought I would share my latest version of a script that does that. The script takes an argument that will […]

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10th Sep 2014

Store encrypted password in a PowerShell script

I write a lot of PowerShell scripts where I need to access different kinds of services, servers and databases. Often these scripts needs to run on schedules in the background and so on. Instead of having cleartext passwords scattered throughout the scriptfile I like to store a securestring version of the password in the script. […]

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10th Sep 2014

Generate Random Timeslot for scheduled tasks

I was tasked to create a PS script that created a Windows Server Backup policy with a random start time I came up with the following script for the random start time bits. function Get-TimeSlot($startTime, $EndTime) { $timeslots = @() for ($i = $startTime; $i -ne $EndTime; $i++) { if ($i -eq 24) { $i […]

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16th Jan 2014

Capture output from command line tools with PowerShell

A simple task and then again not A customer asked me if it was possible to grab output from a command and analyze the output afterwards. In the particular case he needs to call a telnet session and check if there was a proper response from the server. The easy solution and then again not […]

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1st Oct 2013

Case of the missing Hardware Inventory

I recently played around with adding registry data to SCCM Hardware Inventory using RegKeyToMof, but during the tests I ended up with a big problem, no clients were delivering any hardware inventory at all. The problem quickly spread to all clients so I started the oh-so well known journey of troubleshooting. First let’s look at […]

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