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10th Jul 2013

Run As Account does not exist on the target system or does not have enough permissions

  I am almost willing to bet my girlfriend, when I’m saying you have seen this alert at least once. The alert is pretty self-explaining. The Run As Account you are using for SQL either doesn’t exist on the SQL server/instance/database or it doesn’t have sufficient permission. Q: But I’m not using any Run As […]

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20th Jun 2013

SCOM 2012 Linux discovery: Unexpected DiscoveryResult.ErrorData type. Please file bug report. ErrorData:

  Today at a costumer site I was installing some Linux agents, when I got a pretty weird and non-saying error:   Unexpected DiscoveryResult.ErrorData type. Please file bug report. ErrorData: Microsoft.SystemCenter.CrossPlatform.ClientLibrary.MPAbstractions.InvalidWSManTaskResponseException Failed to parse output from WSMan discovery. Output from task was: <DataItem type=”Microsoft.SystemCenter.WSManagement.WSManData” time=”2013-02-26T15:35:00.1849706+02:00″ sourceHealthServiceId=”16F56055-5671-604C-AF9D-088444BA4B6E”><WsManData><ErrorCode>0x800703fa</ErrorCode><ErrorMessage>Illegal operation attempted on a registry key that has been […]

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18th Jun 2013

SSL Certifikate Error – WS-Management Certificate Health

  Lately I have been working a bit with UNIX/Linux in SCOM 2012. I feel about it almost the same way I feel about certificates. Usually it works fine, but anything wrong or any errors, and it can quickly be a time consuming process.   Today I ran into the “SSL Certificate Error”. I got […]

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17th Jun 2013

SCOM 2012 web console prompts for username and password

  I have seen this issue several times, but as I always forget it after I’ve fixed it, I decided to make a blog post about it. As far as I have learned this issue is due to a Kerberos double-hop. But, fear not! The solution is pretty simple: Open IIS Manager, go to Operations […]

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13th Jun 2013

UNIX/Linux Run As profile association error event detected

  Today at a costumer I was installing some Linux agents, when I got the UNIX/Linux Run As profile association error event detected alerts. This one told me that:   The account for the UNIX/Linux Action Run As profile associated with the workflow "Microsoft.Linux.SLES.11.LogFile.Syslog.SU.Command.Root.Failure.Alert", running for instance "XXX" with ID {D05E3B02-02D8-E272-5A05-E74CC1EB6B90} is not defined. The […]

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29th Apr 2013

Create a rule to collect Scheduled Task event log entries in SCOM 2012

  One of the biggest advantages of SCOM is how easy it is to pick up event from the event log and how flexible this can be. Simply go to Event Viewer, choose between the logs and find the event ID you want to alert upon.   But what about Scheduled Tasks? The status of […]

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24th Apr 2013

The Web Recorder tab is gone when recording a browser session in SCOM 2012

I was going to create a quite simple browser session for a customer today, but when IE opened the Web Recorder tab wasn’t present. As usual I minimize the 32 bit version and open the 64 bit version of IE instead, but with same result. I also made sure the “Enable third-party browser extensions*” was checked […]

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12th Apr 2013

Consolidate several performance counter objects to one in a performance rule in SCOM

  Creating a performance counter rule is fairly easy using the Select button to get the object and counter. However, some “systems” create a new performance counter for each of a given object.   One of these systems is SQL and the Buffer Manager object. This object is created for each instance you are running […]

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22nd Feb 2013

Both True and False is enforced on a rule/monitor – who wins?

Got this question today: A rule/monitor is created and disabled by default The rule/monitor is overridden and enforced to False for a class The rule/monitor is then overridden and enforced to True for a specific object of the class Will the rule be True or False? I created a rule and disabled it by default. […]

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21st Feb 2013

Install a SCOM 2012 agent – silent

  As a part of a script, I wanted to install the SCOM agent on several servers. All these servers are in workgroup/dmz/other domains, which means I had to do a manual installation. Now, there’s a lot of guides on how to install an agent using a command line, the official one from Microsoft: Install […]

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