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16th Sep 2010

Creating a JoinDomain account for use with SCCM OSD

Because The join domain account is often visible in your deployment answer file (unattend.xml of sysprep.inf) during the WinPE phase, it is important that this specific account does not have any more permission, than the bare minimum.. I often experience that a domain admin account is used for this job, which is a huge security […]

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10th Jun 2010

Using TS variables when running a script under a different account.

One of the features available when running a Task Sequence in Config Mgr R2, is to run a command line as a different user, which can comes in handy in a number of scenarios. There is however a small but important thing to be aware of. When using this step to run a script, you […]

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12th Feb 2010

Problem finding the Win7 Time Zone names!

Remember In the good old Windows XP days, when the Time Zone you used when creating your Sysprep.inf/Unattend.txt was just a number you could look up in a Microsoft table (and properly also remember) Well those days are almost gone and now you will have to use Time Zone ID which is a Name rather […]

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9th Feb 2010

The annoyance of none elevated command prompts.

You know how when ever you run something from a prompt in Windows 7 or Server2008 you need to remember to elevate the privileges, or you will get the annoying message that you do not have administrative privileges, which then means you will have to open a new prompt, run it as administrator,  and do […]

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25th Aug 2009

Install XP MUI from SCCM Task Sequence.

  Create a new package called Microsoft XP MUI   Note: It is not necessary to create a program for the package unless you intend to advertise the package to clients. The Microsoft XP MUI package should contain the files from the root of one if the MUI installation CD’s, and any language packages you […]

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17th Aug 2009

Changing boot order in Vista/Windows 7

If you do not want to play around with BCDedit or 3rd party tools like EasyBCD, it is quit easy to change boot order from within Windows 7. I Know that this is kind of low tech, but I notice a lot of  questions out there regarding, how to change the boot order using BCDedit. […]

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6th Aug 2009

Resizing a Microsoft Virtual Hard Disk (VHD)

Ever run into problems with a VHD that ran out of space?? I did just yesterday, and found a couple of solutions for that problem. Here are two ways of dealing VHD size issues . Methode 1: Using 3rd part tool “VDH Resizer” Download and install VHD Resizer. http://vmtoolkit.com/files/folders/converters/entry87.aspx Open VhdResizer and point to the […]

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3rd Aug 2009

Enable Integration features for Virtual PC Beta running server 2008

Running on Windows 7 it obvious you would use the new Windows Virtual PC Beta. There is a problem however, when you want to run a Server2008 virtual PC. The server it self runs great, and is much faster than Virtual PC2007, but like in Virtual server2005 Drag’n Drop is not supported. This Should basically […]

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3rd Jun 2009

Try out Windows 7 without messing up your XP/VISTA installation

I just love Windows 7 RC… It runs much better than VISTA, and has lots of super nice features.  (Get it here http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-7/ ) One of these features is the ability to boot from a VHD, which actually means that I can run Win7 on my laptop, without having to reinstall my existing OS, mess […]

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25th May 2009

Auto run action when a new user loges on / add setting to HKEY_CURRENT_USER

Ever wanted to set a registry key to automate some stuff for your users, only to find out that the key resides in HKEY_CURRENT_USER making it quit difficult to have it work for all users on the pc. You can of cause set this in your login script, but setting registry fixes is not really […]

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