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12th Jul 2011

Awarded Microsoft Community Contributor

Awarded Microsoft Community Contributor

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8th Jul 2011

Personal note no 6: Create Local User and add to Local group

Personal note no 6: Easy way to add create a local account and add it to administrators as a part of a Task Sequence

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5th Jul 2011

Finding and adding only the correct device driver to the Boot image

How to figure out the exact drivers necessary for the WinPE 3.0 boot image for SCCM to work properly, and keeping the amount of drivers to a bare minimum.

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15th Jun 2011

Personal note no.5 : Make driver available for none admin user!

Staging driver in the driverstore, makeing it available for none admin user!

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6th Jun 2011

Power management trough the TS (No more automatic Sleep!)

  I have a number of customers who wants to set the power settings trough the TS, as opposed to using GPO’s. I guess that makes sense if you want to allow you users to change the settings them self… By default windows 7 will set the following power options: Sleep/standby in 15 min on […]

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2nd Jun 2011

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2012

The first beta is now available on Microsoft Connect… Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2012 Beta 1 adds support for System Center Configuration Manager 2012 Further info here https://connect.microsoft.com/site14/Downloads/DownloadDetails.aspx?DownloadID=8689

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2nd Jun 2011

Set default keyboard settings based on Running OS

While doing refresh scenarios, its possible to have USMT set the current Keyboard settings for the existing users on the reinstalled OS. The problem however, is setting the same default keyboard settings for new users on that machine.. By default the Keyboard settings will be that of the reference image, so if the keyboard settings […]

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30th May 2011

Can’t find the Intel(R) 6 Series storage driver!

Finding the Intel 6 series driver for an XP OS deployment

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18th May 2011

Personal note no 4: Pause a task sequence

Pause a task sequence for a specified number of seconds before continuing with the next step!

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26th Apr 2011

USMT 4.0, Hardlink and Bitlocker in SCCM OSD

USMT 4.0, Hardlink and Bitlocker in SCCM OSD

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