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22nd Mar 2012

Eject CD script, quarantined by FEP! PowerShell to the rescue!

I guess everyone knows that you can’t enable BitLocker on a machine from a Task Sequence if there is a CD in the CD drive… The workaround is quit simple, just run a script to eject the cd drive before running the “enable BitLocker” step. Well the other day this script, a vbs, I use, […]

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15th Mar 2012

What’s that! I have a session @MMS2012

Tree years ago, my Girlfriend gave birth to our son, which kind of got in the way of me attending, and 2 years ago, that Icelandic Volcano eruption got in the way! Last year I did attended for the first time and it was great! This year though, I get to speak at a Break […]

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14th Mar 2012

Removing components and shortcuts from XP during OS deployment

In Windows 7 Components are called features, and can easily be added and removed using DISM, but XP tends to be more about inf, ini and txt files, so here we must use SYSOCMGR.EXE

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6th Mar 2012

All Windows Keyboard layouts

I’m working for this customer who needs computers deployed I several different country’s. Because they run XP (I know!) they need that LCID – “hex code” number for the keyboard layout instead of the more user friendly “culture name” used in Win7, like en-US or da-DK. Every time I need these LCID’s I find myself […]

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27th Feb 2012

Extending OSD progress UI Info in SCCM

While running a task sequence, info on what is happening is shown in the progress UI, well the name of the Task Sequence, and the step that is running anyway!! But what if we could extend that info to let us know other things as well! Turns out that is as easy as typing a […]

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23rd Feb 2012

Changing the regional related (small) stuff! Dot vs. Comma

During OS deployment you normally set the regional settings to match the nationality of the user who are to receive the computer! This can be anything from the OS UI and keyboard,  to Date and time formats, and is normally done using sysprep values like SystemLocale, UserLocale, UIlanguage etc. One problem though, is the UserLocale […]

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15th Feb 2012

Small useful scripts – OSD from USB without HAL.dll error (vbs)

If you are experiencing problems with OS deployment of Windows XP, booting off USB, and the error is HAL.dll related, it might be because its configured wrong, her is a script that fixes this

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27th Jan 2012

Small useful scripts–Changing Driver Package source (PS1)

I have this customer who had to move all driver packages from from one server a another. This of cause meant all the Data Source references had to be change as well. Once al the packages were moved to the new server I ran the following  two scripts to change the source. All you need […]

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19th Jan 2012

Personal notes no 8. Kill a running process

Sometimes you want to shutdown a running process before running an installation of a piece of software. In that case the native XP/win7/server08, utility TASKKILL comes in handy. In a case where I had to upgrade MS Office Communicator to Lync! this would fail if OC was active on the users machine. So I just […]

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9th Jan 2012

Clean up your wims

Generally I always use the append method of capturing my images (MDT’s ZTIBackup.wsf will do that for you, as explained here). This allows me to store multiple versions of my production image in the same image file. The biggest benefit of storing multiple images in the same wim file is of cause utilization of the […]

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