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4th Dec 2008

How to Configure Virtual Application Support on Configuration Manager

With the introduction of System Center Configuration Manager R2 comes the integration between Application Virtualization 4.5 and Configuration Manager 2007. This Guide will go through the installation and configuration. How does Configuration Manager 2007 intergrate with the App V. client Deliver applications: SFTMIME commands are used to manage Virtual Application publishing delivery to the App. […]

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2nd Dec 2008

Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 Asset Intelligence Catalog Update

Microsoft has recently released an AI Catalog Update for Configuration Manager 2007 SP1:

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30th Nov 2008

Application Virtualization Client files and folders

Filename Location Description sftfs.fsd Vista: Public\Documents\Softgrid client XP: All Users\Documents\Softgrid client Application cache. All applications are stored in this file. The contents of this file is mounted to the virtual drive (Q:) at application run time. Shortcut_ex.dat Per Computer: Vista: Public\Documents\Softgrid client XP: All Users\Documents\Softgrid client Per User: Vista: User Profile\AppData\Roaming\Softgrid Client XP: User Profile\Application […]

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29th Nov 2008

Error 1603 when upgrading Softgrid 4.1.1 to Application Virtualization Management Server 4.5

During the upgrade of my Softgrid 4.1.1 server I encountered Error 1603. The reason for this error is a missing installation path to the existing softgrid version. In the SoftGrid-server-setup.txt you’ll notice the lines (the setup file is found in the users \Local Settings\Temp folder). Open the file with Trace32.exe (found the Configuration Manager 2007 […]

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11th Nov 2008

Useful Software Metering Rules

One way to ensure a really fast ROI with Configuration Manager is usage of Software Metering. Creating the rules is a simple process but gathering the exe names of the software packages can be time consuming. To save you some time I have added some of the most commonly used products. Application Filename Vendor Visio […]

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3rd Nov 2008

Creating Configuration Manager 2007 Reports – Part III Using Count

In this example I explain how to use the Count function. I anticipate that you already by now know how to create the report in Configuration Manager and how to start SQL Server Management Studio. This report will group all computer objects by Vendor and Model with a count of each unique model.     […]

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21st Oct 2008

Configuring WebDAV on Windows Server 2008 for Configuration Manager 2007

The WebDAV components is a required component for the configuration Manager site systems. In Windows server 2003 you simply add the component from Add/Remove programs in the Control Panel. Hovewer in Windows server 2008 the component has been removed. Installing WebDAV on Windows Server 2008, requires a download and some configuration in ISS.  32 bit: […]

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11th Oct 2008

Client push fails when Management Point is installed on Windows 2008 server

I just went back from a customer that experienced a problem when they used client push to install clients. All client reported the same in ccmsetup.log Failed to correctly receive a WEBDAV HTTP request. Failed to successfully complete HTTP request. (StatusCode at WinHttpQueryHeaders: 405) The solution to this problem is adding this line: <add name="WebDAV" […]

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11th Oct 2008

Configuration Manager OSD Frontend

We have received a lot feedback about our Coretech Application Creator. Some of you mention that the application name is a bit misleading. Well, you’re right, the name don’t reveal the real magic behind the application. The application has two main features: It’s a OSD frontend which can be used to prestage computers and also […]

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11th Oct 2008

Coretech Application Creator for SCCM without Active Directory integration

Download: Coretech Application Creator for SCCM (Special Edition) (736.38 kB) System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista. Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 Development team: Kent Agerlund: Contributor Michael Pedersen: Contributor Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen: Main Developer In the first version of our Coretech Application Creator the Collection membership was based on Active Directory Groups. Based on the first feedback we […]

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