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10th Apr 2014

Azure: Microsoft Azure Automation – Its Free!

Last week, Microsoft announced a great new addition to Microsoft Azure, called “Microsoft Azure Automation”. In short, it is the “Service Management Automation” from Windows Azure Pack in Microsoft Azure! This means you can run PowerShell in Azure, without having to worry about servers to execute the code (Runbook Workers). It is all handled by […]

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26th Mar 2014

TechEd 2014 N.A. – My Breakout Session – Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Orchestrator: Runbook Design 101

This year i have been so lucky to have a session about Orchestrator accepted! It will be  introduction to best practices, both beginner and for more experienced orchestrators. Looking forward to it!   You can the session here: http://tena2014.eventpoint.com/topic/details/DCIM-B375   More session on the list: http://tena2014.eventpoint.com/topic/list   Details: DCIM-B375 Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Orchestrator: […]

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24th Mar 2014

PowerShell/SMA/WAP: Controlling LEGO Mindstorms EV3 from PowerShell/SMA Runbook – Part 1 – The Runbook

A few weeks ago i posted the video about my demo of the LEGO Mindstorms robot, controlled by a Runbook inside the Service Management Automation section of Windows Azure Pack The video has been seen by many people and i have gotten so much great feedback! Multiple people have asked me of “How did you […]

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9th Mar 2014

SCO2012/WAP/SMA: VIDEO – Integrating a LEGO Mindstorms Robot using SMA/PowerShell

By request I have uploaded the short video of my Windows Azure Pack & Service Management Automation (SMA) Demo this friday!     URL: http://youtu.be/1Al-dY-DHlw   Robot is LIVE at about 02:30 !! From the creators of Coretech Coffee Monitor , here comes a short movie of the demo of how to integrate LEGO Mindstorms […]

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11th Feb 2014

SCO 2012: Force a Failed status of the runbook!

There are a number of scenarios where you want to fail your runbook and make sure that the runbook status is “failed” this could, for instance be Triggering runbook from service manager, or other external system which checks the result Triggering from PowerShell If you want to use the statistics properly in orchestrator. There is […]

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6th Feb 2014

Updated: LEAP Motion Controller Add-ins for Microsoft Office 2010/2013 (C#)

finally had some time to update and test my code for the Office leap controller using the current LEAP SDK (1.0.6)!   Supported so far: Visio – Swipe Pages (for live dashboards etc.) PowerPoint – For Previous/Next Slide in presentation Excel – Change Sheet. Scroll + Scroll Pages Word – Change Page More info on […]

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29th Jan 2014

SCSM & SCO – Management Pack Transfer Tool Beta 3 – Freeware!

New version out! a few bugs have been fixed, and the mappings are now kept properly! (see changelog below)   Download from TechNet Gallery   Have you ever tried to transfer some Request Offerings that contains runbooks from one environment to the other? You will notice that is it not possible by default. Problem is […]

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16th Jan 2014

NIC 2014 – Slides and Software (Runbooks, MPs, Tools)

I have just completed my 2 sessions at NIC2014. As promised i have uploaded my slides and extras Runbooks Management Packs Tools there might be glitches and mistakes in the runbooks, so do not hesitate to contact me

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20th Dec 2013

SCO/SCSM 2012: Approval does not work from portal when review activity was created by runbook/script/SDK!

Today i had this weird problem.   The Review activities i created from my orchestrator runbook, did not work! I was able to approve, but they never completed! But this was only the case when approving from the portal. It worked as expected from the console!   After some research i managed to find the […]

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13th Nov 2013

SCO/SCSM 2012: Create Objects with Activities with Coretech Integration Pack for SCSM 2012 Extension Beta !

Create any kind of SCSM Object based on a template.
This activity add all activities with the correct prefix, as a workaround for use with the official SCSM IP

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