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23rd Oct 2015

Videos from System Center Universe Europe 2015 Online! Watch my 3 session here!

  Azure Automation Introduction SCUE15 – Azure Automation Introduction from itnetX AG on Vimeo. Azure Automation Deep Dive SCUE15 – Azure Automation Deep Dive from itnetX AG on Vimeo. Get runbooks from the AA sessions here: http://blog.coretech.dk/jgs/azure-automation-samples-from-sessions/ Service Management Automation – Automating System Center SCUE15 – Automating System Center from itnetX AG on Vimeo. Here […]

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22nd Oct 2015

Tech Days.se 2015 – SCO & SCSM–Lessons learned from the real world–Slides, Examples, Tools, Template / How to use runbook template

Thanks for being a great audience! and for so many showing up! As promised I have uploaded the runbooks and management packs I demonstrated in the session including my SCO Template for runbooks Content Examples Tools Runbook Template Slides Download here: Links: Best practices book: https://t.co/pOHfdmSJra Coretech MP Transfer tool http://blog.coretech.dk/jgs/scsm-sco-management-pack-transfer-tool-beta-3-freeware/ SCSM Extension Integraiton Pack […]

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12th Oct 2015

Azure Automation: Script for downloading and preparing AzureRM modules for Azure Automation!

Update from MSFT: 2/22/2016: To respond to a common user question, right now there is no timeline on when additional modules / new versions of modules will be shipped out of box in the Automation service. If you have additional requirements besides what we currently ship globally, these modules / module versions will have to […]

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12th Oct 2015

Azure Automation: Using Webhooks Part 1 – Input data

One of the recently added features, Webhooks, enables you to trigger/execute a runbook from other cloud services / scripts / etc.  

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15th Sep 2015

Azure Automation: New Features announced!

Today at the PowerShell summit in Stockholm,  Joe Levy and Anatoli Beliaev of Microsoft announced a bunch of new features that is publicly available in Azure Automation! Unfortunately I was not able to be there in person, but luckily multiple people tweeted about this stuff! (Thanks @vNiklas + @skillriver + more!! ) Some of the […]

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1st Sep 2015

Azure Automation – Samples from Sessions

Hey everyone! Last week at I speaking at System center Universe europe 2015, this week a Danish PowerShell user group event! I have collected all my runbooks and scripts in a zip and uploaded it here:

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10th Aug 2015

Service Manager & Orchestrator – Management Pack Transfer Tool by Coretech Beta 4 is OUT!

Beta 4 has been uploaded.  a bug was fixed: In some cases not all runbooks in the MP was found. Fixed the issue. Unfortunately there was a problem with the source code, which meant having to re-do the fixes from beta 2 and 3. Please report back if there is any problems! thanks! see changelog […]

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22nd Jun 2015

Azure Automation DSC: How to register and use Azure Automation DSC

One of the new features of Azure Automation is still somewhat hidden. It needs to be enabled before you see it in the GUI This blog post gives a quick overview of what is needed to use it.   Step 1: Enable the extension in your Azure Account #Add & Select Account Add-AzureAccount Switch-AzureMode -Name […]

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22nd Jun 2015

PowerShell: LEAP Motion PowerShell Lottery Script @ Danish PowerShell User Group

In our geek club aka The Danish PowerShell user group, we always do a lottery in the end, for books or similar. To draw the correct winner we have been using a script that I have developed. I have for a long time, promised to release the script so that other user groups or other […]

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22nd May 2015

Windows Azure Pack / SMA: How to fix when some VM Clouds Automation Triggers does not work

In WAP VM Clouds provider, we are able to set trigger on different actions.   Yesterday, in a new test environment, I had a problem that some of them would not trigger. When I tested Subscription trigger, it worked fine, but none of the others worked.   Luckily I asked my MVP network for help, […]

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