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29th May 2017

Use PowerShell scripts to install/upgrade MBAM

Understand the MBAM installation process and how to use PowerShell to install features.

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12th Oct 2016

Unlock BitLocker Encrypted Drive From WinPE the Secure Way!

I have seen several blog posts on how to unlock a BitLocker encrypted drive from Windows PE, using the recovery password stored in the Microsoft Bitlocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) SQL Server database. What’s the problem with these solutions? All of these have one thing in common: they query the SQL database directly, requires changing […]

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25th May 2016

Fixing Hyper-V connection display scaling on High-DPI monitors

How to get your Hyper-V connection or remote desktop sessions to scale correctly on Windows 10 High-DPI monitors.

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16th Dec 2015

December 16th: Create Hyper-V guests that starts specific Task Sequence using PowerShell

How do you automatically create a Hyper-V guest that start a specific MDT task Sequence.

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17th Aug 2015

Missing tabs on Boot image after installing ADK for Windows 10 in ConfigMgr

Fix to update Boot images to Windows 10 ADK after installing Service Pack 1 for ConfigMgr 2012 R2

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21st Apr 2015

Create Windows 10 Enterprise ISO from Professional media

Microsoft has released build 10041 of Windows 10 Technical preview, but again there is only an ISO for the Professional edition. The workaround well lucky for us, there is a way around this. It is possible to utilize DISM to change editions of Windows, so by running a few commands we can upgrade the install.wim […]

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21st Jan 2015

A Story on Using 1E Nomad Branch and Network Impact

How Nomad can help reduce WAN congestion, and eliminate most of your DPs.

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17th Dec 2014

Create Shortcut With Elevated Rights

How do I create a shortcut that runs as Administrator?

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4th Dec 2014

SMSTS.log Size and History is Reset During Refresh Scenarios

If you have changed the default values for LogMaxSize and LogMaxHistory in your SMSTS.ini in your boot media, some of you might have experienced that these values gets reset to their default values (1000000 and 1) during a refresh scenario. This causes us to loose build history and makes troubleshooting quite difficult as logs are […]

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28th Oct 2014

Change Temporary Location for SCCM Media Creation

When you create Task Sequence media in Configuration Manager, the environment variable TMP is used to locate temporary storage for the creation process. By default this points to the users temp folder, which is usually on C: drive with limited space. While this is normally not a problem for creating an online boot media, creating […]

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