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22nd Dec 2015

How to create Mac OS X OSD resources with Parallels for ConfigMgr

For those already using Parallels Mac Management for SCCM here’s a little guide for creating the boot image and netrestore image. Boot Image Build and start a clean Mac with latest OS X version. Login with the admin user and create the following folders in Documents: Boot SSHKeys Open the Terminal application. Navigate to the […]

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22nd Dec 2015

Managing Mac OS X devices with ConfigMgr and Parallels

Xmas is not far away now, but before we hit that one special holiday during the year I want to throw one more blog out into cyberspace. Managing those Mac OS X devices once and for all! ConfigMgr 2012 started out with a proposed solution to how we could start managing those silver things from […]

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3rd Dec 2015

When Power BI met the SCCM Community

SCCM Community meet Power BI – Power BI meet the SCCM Community… This blog post is the part 1 of 2 blog posts – and as you can see it’s all about introductions. Power BI is not a “new” thing, it’s been around for some time but is really just now starting to take off. […]

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31st Mar 2015

Wsyncmgr.log: The request failed with HTTP status 503

Kent have blogged about WSUS maintenance before – its important so that we don’t hit problems like the one I’m about to share with you, so make sure you do something about it – Link. “The request failed with HTTP status 503: Status Unavailable” in this case the source is a stored procedure running (Microsoft.UpdateServices.Internal.ApiRemoting.ExecuteSPGetUpdatesThatSupersedeUpdate). […]

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27th Mar 2015

Metadata Only Updates in SCCM 2012 R2 Console

Been a while since i blogged – but this i felt needed to come up. If you work with Software Updates in SCCM then you are used to see Normal, Expired & Superseeded Updates from Microsoft… Not Metadata Only Updates! (Unless you work with SCUP or other 3rd party patching) – https://technet.microsoft.com/da-dk/library/hh848254.aspx But i just […]

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21st Aug 2014

Troubleshooting Workgroup Clients with PKI not talking with MP

I had a ConfigMgr 2012 R2 case going on for a while with Workgroup clients in a DMZ zone that wouldn’t communicate with the Management Point. A PKI infrastructure was in place and running, and the ConfigMgr Client was installing fine on these workgroup clients – but when the time came for the client to […]

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18th Feb 2014

Create ConfigMgr 2012 R2 Collections with Powershell

I know we have migrations tools and other built-in options when we want to build a new ConfigMgr environment. But Microsoft have given us Powershell, and there are some really cool cmdlets that we can utilize. I’ve had a couple of examples lately where i had to create 100+ collections from scratch – or basicly […]

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9th Oct 2013

Configuration Items and Baselines, Using Scripts (Powershell Example)

In the previous blog post i used file and registry settings for my Configuration Item. Another way to define your Configuration Item setting are scripts. And in CM2012 we have 3 scripting options: JScript PowerShell VBScript (The same goes for the use of scripts in Detection Methods when we create Application Deployment Types.)   Since […]

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9th Oct 2013

Configuration Items and Baselines, Example: SCEP Client Compliance

This example will show you a way to get compliance data from your clients regarding the System Center Endpoint Protection 2012 Client. Now, I’m aware that we through CM2012 reports and console views already have good tools to monitor the client states in regard to SCEP – but lets say you have another antimalware product […]

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12th Jun 2013

KB2828233 Update for System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection

Ok so this SCEP Update has been released some time ago, but i have seen and heard some confusion on how to get this Update installed properly into the ConfigMgr environments. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2828233 The KB2828233 update itself is a server update and you need to install it on your Primary Site servers as you do with […]

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