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7th Dec 2015

SCSM Reporting: Dataset for Incident Requests

It’s Christmas time again, and that means it’s time for another SQL query for Service Manager reporting.

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5th Dec 2014

How many Incident Requests are resolved within the same day?

Do you use System Center Service Manager, and do you or your boss want to know how many Incident Requests the support team are resolving within the same day as it was created? If yes, then you are on the right blog post. Run the query below against the Data Warehouse database DWDataMart, and you […]

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19th Jan 2014

Additional views for User and Group configuration items

In Service Manager we only have one view for User and Group configuration items, and many (including me) want to have views that separate users from groups, external users from Active Directory users and so on. This solution will add six additional views for user and group configuration items.

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29th Mar 2012

SCSM2012: The data warehouse registration failed

If you get the error "The data warehouse registration failed", when you try to register Service Manager with a Service Manager Data Warehouse server, it’s maybe caused by the data and time formats settings for the service account on the Data Warehouse Management Server. Go to the Data Warehouse Management Server and log on with […]

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28th Oct 2011

Change TimeZone on mailboxes

Do you have one or more mailboxes running in a wrong TimeZone on your Office 365 or Exchange environment? Don’t worry it is easy to fix, and I will show you how do to it. Follow this blog post and you will learn how to see current TimeZone on a mailbox, how to change it, and how to changes TimeZone on all mailboxes.

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27th Oct 2011

Add and remove access permissions on mailboxes on Office 365

There will be times where you want to give an administrator or another user access to another user’s mailbox. This blog post will describe how to add and remove access permissions on one or more mailboxes with PowerShell.

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27th Oct 2011

What’s new in Windows Intune October 2011 release

The October 2011 release of Windows Intune is here, and that means new features and functionalities. I will with this blog post give you a short descriptions of the top features.

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26th Oct 2011

Links to Office 365 guides and references

I just want to share the links I have being used and is using in my work with Office 365. The list will be updated regularly.

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26th Oct 2011

Enable users to view calendar information of Room mailboxes

On Exchange Online Room mailboxes do not share calendar information by default. You will only be able to see if the Room is busy or not. This blog describe how you enable the Room’s calendar to show more information to all users.

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20th Oct 2011

Adding Exchange attributes to AD in an Office 365 with SSO environment

If you running Office 365 with Single Sign-on in a newly created Active Directory domain without an on-premise Exchange installation, you will missing the Exchange attributes. The Exchange attributes enable you to manage the exchange parameters on distribution list and mail enabled users through the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in.

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